Inspired by the health benefits of a daily matcha our founder Max set out on a mission to find the tastiest tea leaves. This mission took him to the home of matcha, Japan. While he explores the hidden flavours and crafts of Kyoto, he realised that a whole part of Japanese tea-making heritage was disappearing. The population of Japan is ageing, tea farming is very hard work. Tea-masters, in charge of assessing and blending green tea also retire leaving a deep gap of knowledge. Many small lot owners eventually quit and sell their land to big corporations who mass-produce low quality tea. 

And it was in the Spring of 2019 that he found this seventh-generation family farm in Uji in Kyoto - the oldest, and the best, tea growing region in Japan. Working with independent farm was crucial for Max, he talks to grower and exporter, learning more about the tea they grow and process and the challenges that they face. He believes that where such a relationship exists, quality, quantity and price requirements can be discussed in an open and equal way. He has worked closely with them ever since, to produce our very own Good Mood Matcha.