Good Mood Matcha founder Max has been drinking matcha for as long as he can remember. He loves the earthiness of matcha, and its unique umami flavours. He’s always enjoyed sharing matcha with his family and friends and now wants to share his love and passion for this green super powder with everyone.

Inspired by the health benefits of a daily matcha and armed with nothing but a backpack and a good mood, Max set out on a mission to find the tastiest tea leaves. This mission took him to the home of matcha, Japan. He travelled far and wide across Japan with his trusted notebook; visiting tea farms, sampling matcha and touring factories.

And it was in the Spring of 2017 that he found a small, family run tea farm in Uji in Kyoto - the oldest, and the best, tea growing region in Japan. Working with an independent farm was crucial for Max, and this seventh-generation family of tea growers aligned with his values perfectly. He has worked closely with them ever since, to produce our exclusive Good Mood blends of ceremonial grade matcha.

Only the tips of the youngest leaves from the first Spring harvest, known as the Ichiban-cha go into Good Mood Matcha. After harvest, the fresh leaves are steamed, gently cooled and then scattered evenly over a flat surface to dry completely. The leaves are then known as Tencha, their refined fragrance and flavour captured beautifully. Finally, they’re traditionally stone-milled into a fine powder before reaching us here at Good Mood HQ.