Matcha has been grown in different areas of Japan. The reason that 宇治 Uji matcha from Kyoto is the most famous one lays not only the tradition of growing, but also in the most favourable soil. Different types of soils are found in different parts of Japan, and in connection to the weather conditions, used for growing different type of teas. Good Mood Matcha make craft blend of organic Samidori and Okumidori, which are native to the region. In addition, every step we take to get our matcha from tea farm to your cup is ethical, sustainable, empowering and all round good. 


We source our leaves only in Uji region of Kyoto prefecture, where our tea growers are based in Japan. The terroir is what makes a difference, due to all natural characteristics of environment - soil, climate, geography, altitude, it's similar to wines really.

Spring Leaves

Matcha is commonly harvested three times throughout the year in Japan. We only use leaves picked at the first harvest, usually happening at the beginning of May. Always go for the first flush leaves for its colour, taste, fragrance and nutritional elements, especially when making pure matcha with just water, you can really tell the difference. 

Unique Blend

Unlike coffee beans, matcha leaves are steam-dried. After assessing the leaves from various varieties and tea plantations, we blend them according to our own ratios to create a smooth and earthy flavour that we like. 

Traditional Grinding

Our leaves are stored in wooden boxes after assessment. We grind fresh batch on demand by stone mortar never machine milling into super fine powder to prevent oxidation and to preserve colour and taste. We want the farm to cup quality.