Matcha is a finely milled Japanese green tea that’s packed with antioxidants. It is a natural mood booster, and in addition, every step we take to get our matcha from tea farm to your cup is ethical, sustainable, empowering and all round good.

So here’s all the other good stuff about matcha…

Increased Energy

Matcha naturally contains caffeine, which as we know, gives us energy. But unlike coffee and energy drinks, the caffeine in matcha won’t give you the jitters, just a calm alertness for a more efficient you.

Improved Mood

L-theanine is a mood boosting, stress busting, blood pressure lowering amino acid, and matcha is full of it. It also supports the non-jittery energising effects of caffeine. How’s that for a Good Mood?

Antioxidant Prowess

Antioxidants are our friends. They move around the body mopping up nasty, premature ageing, disease and inflammation causing free radicals like a pro. One cup of matcha green tea contains ten times the antioxidants of regular green tea. 

Metabolism Boosting

Did we mention that matcha is also a fat burning master? No? Huh. Well, last but by no means least, regularly consuming matcha green tea improves the body’s ability to burn energy, thus also burning fat.

Just one cup of good matcha is all you need to reap the mood boosting benefits, and it is responsible for altering your mood and consciousness in a good way.